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So here's the thing about Glenn Humplik. Glenn works at the phone company. So repeatedly in the past few episodes, Glenn has failed to show up in person, but rather via satellite. Glenn thinks he is too cool to show up in the flesh, so we as Tom Green fans have to put an end to it. Just three words fans: QUIT YOUR JOB! That's right, I'm composing a list of people who all say to Glenn Humplik, QUIT YOUR JOB! To join the list and get Glenn back on the show, simply send me your first name and last initial, and where you're from in an email. I can be reached at either: or at

I need your help in getting Glenn back on the show!

The List

Matt C. from Pennsylvania says QUIT YOUR JOB!
Brian D. from New York says QUIT YOUR JOB!
Drew C. from New York says QUIT YOUR JOB!
Corey M. from Australia says QUIT YOUR JOB!